Air Max à 30 euros

Nike has another special Air Max sneaker lined up for Canada. Following an Air Max 1 last year, Toronto now has an exclusive Air Max 90 set to launch in celebration of the Toronto edition of the all-night Nuit Blanche art festival.The classic Nike runner has been done in premium white-on-white inspired by the sleepless night, and features an icy cold outsole inspired by the great white North. Packed with details, the sneaker has been laser etched with “416” – the Toronto area code that inspired the now world-renowned nickname of “the 6” – alongside numerous illustrated references to Canadian iconography, including Ontario’s Trillium flower.

Available exclusively at Nordstrom Toronto, the Nuit Blanche AM90 Laser is set to launch on October 1.Part of an icon’s power stems from its indivisibility: it cannot be separated from what it represents. The words “Air Max” will forever be associated with the Swoosh, just as the Swoosh will forever be Nike.When Nike first released the Air Max 1 on March 26, 1987, it’s safe to say they released a revolution. Although Nike had been placing air cushioning into its shoes since 1979, it wasn’t until 1987 that it made this technology large and visible enough for people to see, creating a streetwear archetype.

And while it is a U.S.-designed sneaker, it became an icon of European streets and subcultures: from British grime to Dutch gabber. For many, it’s the original sneakerhead’s sneaker.So to celebrate Air Max Day 2016, we took that icon and we made it into art. By referencing the style of the Dutch masters, we took our favorite Air Max models and reimagined them in the style of 17th-century oil paintings.Nike’s woven motif, which has been used to embellish everything from the Mayfly silhouette to the Free, has been applied to the iconic Air Max 90. Seasonally appropriate colorways of tan, black and white appear on premium leather uppers, with woven details along the bottom portion of each shoe’s lateral vamp.