What are the Important Building Management Signs

Building management signs are something that every business or property owner must have in order to meet the building codes in the area where the property is located. What is the reason for building management signs? Building management signs are required for the safety of everyone including the property or business owner.


The NYC Housing Preservation and Development department is responsible for providing affordable housing the city of New York. With the cost of living being so high the NYC Housing Preservation and Development makes sure that housing is affordable and safe for the average family. This is the department that also helps to keep residents, employees, and property owners safe. There are certain rules and regulations that need to be followed by the property owner including the proper displaying of HPD Signs.

HPD Building Signs

HPD Signs are required by property owners in the NYC area. For those who own housing properties the proper use of HPD Signs is very important. Below is a brief list of some of the required HPD Signs.

  • Fire Safety Signs: There are several fire safety signs that are required depending on the property. The fire department and DOB have regulations regarding the proper use of Fire Safety Signs in NYC.
  • Boiler Room Signs: These signs must be displayed in the lobby of the building and on the boiler room door. Contact information for the individual that has the keys to the room is to be listed on the signage.
  • Video Surveillance Signs: For those properties in which video surveillance is used the proper NYC HPD signage must be displayed on the exterior of the building in plain view.
  • Regulatory Signs: Max Occupancy Signs, Basement Signs, Do Not Throw Trash Signs, and Compactor Rooms Signs are all examples of Regulatory Signs.
  • Floor Number Signs: Each floor or level of the property must be clearly marked with Floor Number Signs.
  • Required Building Signs: The HPD Signs that are needed for each property can be custom ordered at HPD Signs NY. Our team of professional sign fabricators have been creating HPD Building Signs in NYC for well over a decade.

If you, or your business, has recently registered a property with HPD you will need to have all of the proper HPD Signs made and installed at the proper locations throughout the property.

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